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Time to give your home a makeover? A Makeover doesn’t necessarily mean a complete revamping of your home; it's about looking into those little things. Too tired of the same old paint? We have a range of wall décor services which includes wall texture, wall painting, theme based walls for your child’s playroom or any detailing of the wall. You may want an open kitchen and break the partition between your hall and kitchen, or a change in layout. We offer unique home services as well-furniture fitting, unpacking of modular furniture, furniture supply and more. In short, we are your one-step solution to all your home needs- reliable, efficient, quick.

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Do It Yourself

Here's how you can make your living space look bigger.

Bringing in too many warm colours into your space does make your home look brighter, but then it makes it appear smaller too. So try increasing the tone of pastel hues and sober shades to make your home appear more spacious.

Did you know this little trick about furniture placement?

Always leave a little space between the walls and your furniture. Never place your furniture too close to our walls as walls play a role in making your home look more well defined. Also cramping the home furniture close to one another is not a good idea. So plan out your furniture spacing well!

Those little things make can make a world of a difference!

Empty walls make the home look dull. So when you find a wall of your home looking blank and boring, get some cool wall hangings to hang on it. Find a corner of your home looking incomplete? Place a flower vase, it always works. One massive painting can get a whole room to come alive!