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Hassle free installation and repair services for all type of instant geysers

Storage Geyser

Hassle free installation and repair services for all type of storage geysers

Be it Winter or summer, everyone craves for a hot shower that refreshes you. However, that source of consistent hot water supply can malfunction. Problems could get worse if your geyser remains unattended for a long time. Zimmber’s geyser repair service is there to fix all issues of your geyser. Our geyser service is the best as we diagnose the problem first and then apply the right solution.

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Do It Yourself

The water from my geyser isn’t hot enough! What do I do?

Insufficiently hot water may be due to incorrect temperature setting on the geyser itself. Check and rectify this on the machine itself. Another reason could be due to increased water flow, which can easily be rectified by adjusting the water flow.

The water in the shower is too hot! How do I fix this?

Check the thermostat on your geyser, it might be set at a temperature too high for you. Adjust the temperature to one that is comfortable for you. If this does not rectify the problem, there might be something wrong with your thermostat.

No hot water, and I’m shivering! How do I fix this?

Check whether your geyser is connected to a power outlet, and make sure the connection is secure. If the temperature limit on the thermostat has been reached, it needs to be reset to get hot water flowing again.