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The process of getting a car serviced can be quite exhausting. In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for a car to get fixed can be rather time-consuming. Car owners can get their car serviced right in front of their house/parking lot at their own convenience, without having to drive to a workshop. It is an innovative move that promises total transparency and assured reliability, allowing you to audit the entire process. Today’s busy professionals, who are left with very little time to maintain their cars, they can get their serviced just in 2 hrs and save upto 40% compared to authorised centres.

Pitstop is the most trusted car service provider online. Do give us a chance and you will definitely love this :)

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How to Replace Windshield Wipers?

How to Replace Windshield Wipers?

Wiper blade setup differs quite a bit from car to car, so you may have to follow a few different steps according to your owner’s manual. Lift the blades, as if you were washing your windshield by hand, and remove the old blades. Pay attention to how the old blades connect to the metal arms. On most models, you’ll see a tab on the underside of the wiper. Push the tab to remove the old blade. Attach the new blades, being careful not to bend the wiper arms or scratch your windshield. Line everything up and make sure the new ones are secure and tight.

How to Replace Non-Headlight Bulbs?

How to Replace Non-Headlight Bulbs?

To access burned out license plate, side marker and fog light bulbs, just remove the retaining screws and pry off the lens. Pull the bulb straight out of the socket. Handle the new bulb with gloved hands or hold it with a paper towel to prevent skin oils from depositing on the thin glass? that can cause premature bulb failure. Then push the bulb into the socket until it clicks. Reinstall the lens and you're done.

How to Replace Air Filter?

How to Replace Air Filter?

Inspect and replace your engine air filter. Just unscrew or unclip the air filter box retainers and remove the old filter. Then hold a shop light behind the filter to see how much light passes through. If the filter blocks 50% of more of the light, replace the filter. If not, put it back in, secure the air filter box cover and keep driving.