WEBSITE DESCRIPTION : Our Premium Bike Spa involves 360 degree cleaning of bikes using top-class cleaning agents. This is a notch higher than your regular cleaning and gives your bike a refreshing makeover. We make use of steam to sanitize the bike and ward off any dirt or dust. Our exclusive Bike Pampering Service also includes special inclusions such as Waxing and Polishing, Buffing to render a glossy showroom look, Complete Removal of tar and stains, Cervices and Corner Cleaning. The seat of your bike will also be cleaned using certified cleaning agents to ensure a long and healthy life for your bike.

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What is the perfect time for Bike Cleaning?

When it is too sunny in the noon, it is ideal you do not clean your bikes at this time. Chances are the detergents you use to clean your bikes may stick on to surface before you rinse them off. Any time before the sun comes out in the morning and after the sun sets in the evening (that might get tricky) is a good time. However, mornings are the best. Go for it!

How to take care of your bike leathers?

The salt in the leather kills leathers as it extracts most of the oil from the leather. The best way to avoid degeneration of leather is to wear a compression suit that creates a shield between the rider and the suit, soaking up much of the sweat. However know that a little bit of lanolin goes a long way in restoring the life of your bike leathers.

Did you know?

You ought to change your bike’s fork oil once in every 12000 kilometres. Also, avoid exposing your bike to direct sunlight, try to park your bike near to shade because frequent exposure to sunlight would dull your bike’s appearance.