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Why be at the receiving end of a shock and get a hair-raising experience, when Zimmber’s professionals offer a variety of electrical installation and repair solutions. Be it a switch board repair, a wiring problem, light fittings, installation and repair of electrical devices, Zimmber’s professionals are equipped to deal with it. Our professionals are skillfully trained to handle the most complex electrical problems. We provide electrical services at affordable rates and also give tips to our customers on how to maintain the longevity of electrical devices.

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My ceiling fan isn't swinging at full speed!

My ceiling fan isn't swinging at full speed! What do I do about it?

The speed of rotation of ceiling fans are controlled by capacitors. The slowing down can be caused by a damaged capacitor. The capacitor is easily replaceable. You have to take the capacitor out of the fan, get a new equivalent one and plug in the new capacitor. And, that’s it!

when kitchen lights and other outlets are not working?

What do I do when kitchen lights and other outlets are not working?

The tripping of circuit breakers caused by power surges is the most common reason why the outlets stop working. You have to locate the electrical box and take a look at the circuit breakers. If you see that any of the breakers are in the OFF position, then flipping it back on can do the trick.

What do I do if the tube light is not working once I turn the switch on?

The reason can be loose connections between the stick and fixture or it can be a defective stick. Twisting the tube light stick can fix the problem. If it still does not work then it might be the defective stick. So you can get another tube light stick. Switch the tube light off before you try replacing any parts.